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  1. Question: What else do you get excited about?
  2. The developer-driven economic stack
  3. Mura → Muri → Muda
  4. I accidentally a product manager
  5. What do you do, exactly?
  6. Whither the front-end technical co-founder?
  7. Pragmatic prioritisation
  8. Is it worth paying down that tech debt?
  9. Cost of delay and the elusive nature of value
  10. Don't use story points for prioritisation
  11. Redesign along strata, not down boreholes
  12. Jevons paradox of client resource consumption
  13. Pure and applied expertise
  14. Individual expertise and team balance
  15. Celebrating impact
  16. Progression frameworks for smaller companies
  17. How to read a progression framework
  18. Global CFP Diversity Day
  19. Code crit?
  20. Truth to materials
  21. Fancy a game of Spot the Fallacy?
  22. Tsundoku and professional development
  23. Recognising and rewarding glue work
  24. How much time should I spend writing code?
  25. Just-in-time collaboration trumps documentation
  26. Practices for communicating and upholding code standards
  27. Setting standards from scratch
  28. Determining and communicating development standards
  29. Work according to your scope of influence
  30. Balancing feature development with stewardship
  31. Coffee club or committee meeting?
  32. Do you have a 'Front-End Chapter'?
  33. The important part of the Spotify Model
  34. Are browser support policies dead?
  35. Support browser support by supporting your browser
  36. Grabbing the lead
  37. Why I no longer believe in the web
  38. Dealing with the arriviste problem
  39. Behold! An arriviste appears
  40. Stop it with the handoffs
  41. My preciousss code
  42. Which mode are you in?
  43. My employer's principles aren't my values
  44. Principle background checks
  45. Web software design principles: The Principle of Least Power
  46. Dialogue or monologue?
  47. Design principles before fancy patterns
  48. Collective capabilities over individual expertise
  49. Netflix's low-hanging fruit
  50. Take the foot off the pedal to go faster
  51. Ninja rockstar bottlenecks
  52. Create your own dysfunctional single-page app in five easy steps
  53. Conway's Law goes deeper than your org chart
  54. Conway's Law is no joke
  55. Side project gardening
  56. The side project shuffle
  57. Front end devs are now big borrowers
  58. The build, borrow or buy fractal
  59. What should a full-stack developer focus on?
  60. Frustration-driven development
  61. Webworker
  62. A maturity model for front end development?
  63. Are little rewrites better than refactoring?
  64. Why discovery testing helps component-based UI development
  65. Are you Detroit- or London-school?
  66. Pyramids, ice cream cones, crumbs, pancakes and trophies
  67. TDD: ugh, right?
  68. Drifting into a test-averse culture
  69. Do you need a second brain?
  70. T-shaped knowledge is hokum
  71. Slicing and dicing the curate's egg
  72. Front-end channel on Rands Slack
  73. My own brush with the 'Spotify Model'
  74. Peter is out of the squad on principle
  75. Lean delegation
  76. Robotic front-end web jockeys
  77. You wouldn't let a marketing contractor fly an airliner
  78. Awkward stacks
  79. Managing long-term, part-time migrations
  80. A chance to be vulnerable
  81. A question for front-end engineering leaders
  82. Peering in through the window
  83. Hot takes! Any hot takes?
  84. How ethnography can help you understand code
  85. A misty-eyed journey into the boring old days
  86. PWA super starters
  87. Marvin Minsky's opinions about CSS-in-JS
  88. Get some Webhint in your toolchain
  89. What's the web really good at?
  90. MVPs are not (always) Mini Versions of the Product
  91. The prototype gamut
  92. Walking skeletons and tracer bullets
  93. The runaway proof of concept
  94. Prototypes, proofs of concept, walking skeletons and MVPs, oh my!
  95. Chesterton's fence is not yours to remove
  96. Failing safely
  97. Sometimes, you *are* Google (maybe)
  98. Other words for 'rewrite'
  99. When refactoring isn't
  100. How GitHub switched from jQuery to, well, nothing
  101. Tog's Law of Commuting and you
  102. Tesler's Law
  103. Fundamentals schmundamentals
  104. 20,000 enemies
  105. Mindful code reviews
  106. E pluribus unum
  107. Video: How to Survive the Single Page App-ocalypse
  108. Embrace the experiment
  109. Product and agency work isn't so different
  110. Who has your back?
  111. Start with yourself
  112. Dealing with negative product feedback
  113. Small and big discomforts
  114. Rational technology choice doesn't exist
  115. Did we back the wrong horse?
  116. Movements and complications
  117. Reluctant scrum mastery
  118. A product manager stepped on my toe
  119. Over to you. Got a question about front end leadership?
  120. Are static sites the new static site?
  121. Wilful educated ignorance
  122. Hey, where's all the front-end stuff?
  123. How to create a lead time ladder
  124. Spot waste with value stream mapping
  125. Trimming your 無駄
  126. 1000 ways of testing
  127. Constructive snark?
  128. Clean me
  129. What 'make the business case' really means
  130. Software NIMBYs
  131. Developer happiness considered harmful (sometimes)
  132. How to win every argument
  133. Software archaeology and anthropology
  134. Hidden foundations
  135. Hollow artifacts
  136. UI foundations on a shoestring
  137. Platform and Foundation
  138. Ceci n'est pas un job
  139. Full stack developer? Software engineer? Rockstar Ninja Hacker?
  140. Full Yack Shaver
  141. Full-stack jacket
  142. How many full-stack developers does it take to change a light bulb?
  143. You really do have to get out of the building
  144. The trust multiplier
  145. Your role as an amigo
  146. The accidental lead
  147. Starting with why...
  148. Positioning for front-end developers
  149. Everybody wants to be (internet) famous
  150. How to prevent big front-end rewrites with lean technology choices
  151. Technical Debt Often Isn't
  152. A Front-End Responsibilities Laundry List
  153. Shoot Down Front-End Fatigue With Tracer Bullets
  154. Why and How to Test Your Pattern Library
  155. Why and How to Test Your Pattern Library
  156. 31 Ways to Spend Less Time on Manual Cross–Browser Testing
  157. Are you writing legacy CSS code?
  158. Forcing yourself to write a book in 11 days via reckless public commitment
  159. Test your design system not your website
  160. Futuristic progressive enhancement talk
  161. Your mobile mileage may vary
  162. Edinburgh International Book Festival mobile site
  163. Culture Hack Scotland 2011
  164. Testing Backbone applications with Jasmine and Sinon
  165. Testing Backbone applications with Jasmine and Sinon
  166. Using SquidMan to snoop iOS HTTP requests
  167. Testing Backbone applications with Jasmine and Sinon
  168. Git config shortcuts for GitHub
  169. Jasmine matchers for Sinon.JS
  170. Why web professionals should avoid professionalism

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