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Do you want to grow the web app to match your product vision?

Tom Griffiths

Jim was instrumental in building FanDuel into the cross-platform product it is today.

Tom Griffiths, Chief Product Officer and Co-Founder, FanDuel

Jim Newbery

Hi, I'm Jim Newbery, an independent front-end web strategy and implementation consultant from Edinburgh in sunny Scotland.

I help growing UK web product companies build and maintain great applications. I was previously Director of Front End Engineering at FanDuel and have over 20 years experience developing web applications and websites for companies like FreeAgent, Sky and Channel 4.

These days I write articles and books, train and mentor teams, develop technical strategy and build web applications for my clients.

Some things I can help with

  • Technical product strategy for front-end web applications
  • Front-end application architecture and technology choice
  • Product engineering team development, mentoring and coaching
  • Web application development
  • Legacy front-end code transformation

Are you building the web app to match your product vision?

I've been there and done all that. I can help your company tackle these challenges.

Why Jim?

Here's why you should work with me:

  • I have 20 years of web development experience with startups, agencies, government departments and large enterprises.
  • I helped grow FanDuel from 20 to 400 employees and a valuation of over USD$1 billion.
  • I shaped cross-platform and technical web strategy to transform the FanDuel product into a slick multi-channel entertainment experience.
  • I have hired, grown, led and coached product teams and front-end specialists.

I'm familiar with the challenges experienced by both plucky new startups and unicorns alike. I can help your company as you tread this path.

I'm trusted by:

I help web product teams build and maintain great front-end applications

Building a good web application isn't just about slick visuals and the latest JavaScript framework.

It's built for usability, accessibility, long-term learning, continuous improvement, and ease of support and maintenance.

I've got buckets of experience working with leaders, product managers, designers, engineers, marketing professionals and support staff to develop a technical web strategy that balances these aims.

Unlike big consulting companies and agencies, I focus on helping your team learn what works for you, not on short-term quick fixes that make me look good.

I work out of the beautiful city of Edinburgh, and focus mostly on web product companies and teams based in the UK.

Get in touch now and tell me a little bit about your current situation. I'll get back in touch as quickly as I can.

What people are saying...

Olly Headey

How much do you value first-class expertise in modern front-end development? Jim has that rare combination of technical knowledge and brilliant people skills. I can’t recommend him highly enough!

Olly Headey, Chief Technical Officer and Co-Founder, FreeAgent

Tom Griffiths

Jim was instrumental in building FanDuel into the cross-platform product it is today. He built our first mobile website, architected and led the creation of our API, and built an excellent front-end team. Inspiring, highly capable, and a positive problem solver, Jim was a pleasure to work with.

Tom Griffiths, Chief Product Officer and Co-Founder, FanDuel

Eileen McLaren

Jim was instrumental in the growth and technical direction at FanDuel. He led technical direction and architecture for the front-end while balancing business needs and direction. It has been a pleasure to work with him.

Eileen McLaren, VP Engineering, FanDuel

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