Front-end web strategy and development consultant

I help growing B2B SaaS companies build more profitable web apps

Jim Newbery

Hi, I'm Jim Newbery. I can help if you are...

  • a UK-based SaaS product company with a B2B focus
  • ready to dramatically improve your web application
  • growing quickly and struggling to drive your product forward
  • uncertain how to deliver on your product vision
  • worried about fast-moving competitors
  • falling behind on mobile usage
  • interested in working with a specialist with over 20 years experience

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What people are saying...

Olly Headey

How much do you value first-class expertise in modern front-end development? Jim has that rare combination of technical knowledge and brilliant people skills. I can’t recommend him highly enough!

Olly Headey, Chief Technical Officer and Co-Founder, FreeAgent

FreeAgent needed a shared vision for web app development

After becoming a public company in 2016, FreeAgent had ambitious growth and expansion plans for their cloud accounting SaaS product. To grow the team efficiently, they needed a shared approach for developing web applications across multiple product teams.

I worked with the management team, software engineers, product managers and designers to develop a comprehensive front-end development approach. I then coached a team to deliver the first major project using that approach. FreeAgent are now rolling out this approach across their product teams.

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  • Identify the biggest barriers to realising your product vision
  • Produce three or more ideas for improving your product development

We'll have to move fast to get through it all in 30 minutes, so I'll send you an agenda to keep it focused.

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Why Jim?

Here is some of the baggage I bring with me:

  • I have over 20 years of web development experience for SaaS startups, consumer giants and government departments.
  • As the Director of Front-End Engineering at FanDuel, I helped grow the company to a valuation of over USD$1 billion.
  • I shaped cross-platform and technical web strategy to transform FanDuel from MVP into a slick multi-channel entertainment experience.
  • I have hired, grown, led and coached product teams and front-end specialists.
  • I'm familiar with the challenges experienced by growing SaaS companies. I can help your company as you tread this path.