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Daily email archive

  1. Reluctant scrum mastery
  2. A product manager stepped on my toe
  3. Over to you. Got a question about front end leadership?
  4. Are static sites the new static site?
  5. Wilful educated ignorance
  6. Hey, where's all the front-end stuff?
  7. How to create a lead time ladder
  8. Spot waste with value stream mapping
  9. Trimming your 無駄
  10. 1000 ways of testing
  11. Constructive snark?
  12. Clean me
  13. What 'make the business case' really means
  14. Software NIMBYs
  15. Developer happiness considered harmful (sometimes)
  16. How to win every argument
  17. Software archaeology and anthropology
  18. Hidden foundations
  19. Hollow artifacts
  20. UI foundations on a shoestring
  21. Platform and Foundation
  22. Ceci n'est pas un job
  23. Full stack developer? Software engineer? Rockstar Ninja Hacker?
  24. Full Yack Shaver
  25. Full-stack jacket
  26. How many full-stack developers does it take to change a light bulb?
  27. You really do have to get out of the building
  28. The trust multiplier
  29. Your role as an amigo
  30. The accidental lead
  31. Starting with why...
  32. Positioning for front-end developers
  33. Everybody wants to be (internet) famous