Tinned Fruit Missives March 2018

As I become more curmudgeonly, it’s only natural that I start to look at new tools, technology and techniques through sceptical, squinty eyes. It often surprises me how easy it is to get distracted my shiny toys, while we forget to focus on what the customer and business needs. We can sometimes be too clever for our own good, and keeping things deliberately simple takes a surprising amount of attention and effort.

Have a cracking March!

– Jim

Everything Easy is Hard Again - Frank Chimero


Frank describes his overwhelming experience of returning to web design after a few years focusing on a software business. Tooling and technology is now far more complicated than it used to be, and not necessarily for the better. This is one of those articles that divides opinion, but it’s where the focus of the debate turns that is revealing, with much of the discussion around whether us oldies are stuck in the mud or not. For me, it’s more of a reminder that it pays to specialise and focus the kind of work we do.

Run Less Software - Rich Archbold


Intercom’s blog is almost always on point, and this is no different. Rich urges product companies to build a competitive advantage by avoiding shiny new, unproven tech, and outsource the grunt work that doesn’t help to get you there.

GDPR for Web Developers - Heather Burns


If you’ve been sticking your head firmly in the sand around the upcoming European data protection changes in May, this is a great place to get started. No legalese, just a practical outline for what you need to consider.

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