Tinned Fruit Missives December 2018

As a former social scientist, I’m naturally sceptical about surveys, at least until I see a nice visualisation, and then I completely believe everything I see. Brains are funny, aren’t they?

The State of JavaScript survey gets some good coverage among developers each year, but I still worry that there are inherent biases. Nevertheless, there are nice charts to look at. Curiously, the theme of this year’s results seems to be… stability. React is still popular. How underwhelming.

But as always it’s the questions that are left out of the survey altogether that are the most revealing. That’s an exercise left up to the reader.

Have a great month!

– Jim

The State of JavaScript 2018 - Sacha Greif, Raphael Benitte & Michael Rambeau

The annual JavaScript developer survey is back. Caveats about surveys and sampling bias aside, this is always useful for keeping a high-level eye on developer attitudes. That gender distribution, though… :-(

A Netflix Web Performance Case Study - Addy Osmani

Addy’s back again with a lesson for all web product teams. Landing pages and apps have two very different purposes and need different - but coordinated - front end strategies. The technical info here is useful, but it’s also a healthy reminder that even the big tech companies can make performance blunders if it’s not being measured or observed.

Refactoring an inherited codebase - Chen Hui Jing

And at the other end of the team size scale, here’s a case study of a front end ‘refactoring’ (rewrite) carried out by one person. I enjoyed the approach here, and the performance gains, but I do wonder about the ongoing maintainability of the rewrite for others in the team…

No Haunted Forests - John Millikin

Escape From the Feature Roadmap to Outcome-driven Development - Alice Newton Rex

How to Keep Your Job As Your Company Grows - Steve Blank

The All Powerful Front End Developer (Video) - Chris Coyier

I have to make a technical decision but I can’t know the right answer - Scott Triglia

Why Doctors Hate Their Computers - Atul Gawande

event-stream vulnerability explained - Zach Schneider

Creating Effective Job Adverts - Stevie Buckley

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