Tinned Fruit Missives January 2019

I realise that you’re probably sick to the back teeth of Christmas, so I can only apologise for the seasonally-themed article in this month’s batch of links. See, although this is the January edition, I’m not able to conjure articles from the future just yet, so you’ll have to make do with articles from last year.

Have a great month!

– Jim

Being Glue - Tanya Reilly

From August, but this is such a great slide deck that chimes well with my own working instincts. The difference between me and the composite protaganist in the deck is that I’m a white man, so I would get rewarded and promoted for doing non-technical work of this nature instead of being labelled as ‘not technical enough.’

The State of Web Browsers - Late 2018 Edition - Ferdy Christant

Ferdy lays out the current browser landscape and what the future likely holds in the wake of Microsoft’s impending switch to Chromium. There’s also an attempt at a more optimistic view in a follow up article.

Reluctant Gatekeeping: The Problem With Full Stack - Heydon Pickering

This proved to be a little controversial. I enjoyed the point about pressure to become a full-stack developer arising from the forces of capitalism in particular. To be honest, though, I hope that we see less of this debate in 2019, though I fear that may be optimistic.

JavaScript and Civil Rights - Marcy Sutton

JavaScript growth and third parties - Steve Souders

The Baseline Costs of JavaScript Frameworks - Ankur Sethi

Concerns of the Self, the Team, and the Org - Dave Rupert

The Gift of Giving Up - Sam Thorogood

Things I Don’t Know as of 2018 - Dan Abramov

How to Exhibit Leadership as an Individual Contributor - Tom Bartel

Why I no longer use D3.js - Paul Sweeney

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