Tinned Fruit Missives November 2017

The Web Began Dying in 2014, Here’s How - André Staltz


A timely warning not to take the open web of the early 21st Century for granted. If you’re still thinking about the web as the ideal level-playing field for entrepreneurial businesses, this article will rapidly challenge your convictions, and reminds us that we’re all living in the shadow of the tech giants.

Rebuilding slack.com - Mina Markham


A pleasing case study on rebuilding Slack’s marketing site for accessibility, and to take advantage of modern layout approaches. The key takeaway for me, though, is that decoupling your marketing site and web application is a worthy exercise. They serve different purposes, and diluting your approach to work for both rarely gives any benefit.

Web Components - The Long Game - Alex Russell


A lot of the current FUD around web application development stems from overloading JavaScript with management of UI components, with a cacophony of libraries and frameworks taking different approaches. Native Web Components are starting to get some genuine traction after a few years of lukewarm interest from the community, and Alex Russell make a good case for the long-term benefits of component interoperability and native platform support.

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