Tinned Fruit Missives February 2018

As always, January is chock full of good articles. This month, I have detected another uptick in the sentiment that front-end development is too complicated / over-engineered / has too many choices.

While I agree to some extent, this view is rather negative. Choices like this are to me a sign of healthy progress (even if there are a few blind alleys). Most importantly, the chaos of choice presents a huge opportunity for companies that can find their way through and still deliver great products for their users.

The challenge there is right in the intersection of design, technology, business and research that I enjoy the most.

Happy February!

– Jim

Challenges for web developers - Paul Kinlan


On the one hand, this list of challenges for web developers makes for depressing reading, but it’s incredibly useful as a short primer for anyone who hires and manages web developers. Or for anyone related to one, for that matter. Empathy is a wonderful thing, but sometimes we all need a little sympathy too.

The increasing nature of frontend complexity - Kevin Ball


You might expect a doom-laden perspective given the title, and Kevin does indeed explain how much complexity has being ladled into front-end development in recent years. However, with challenges like this come huge opportunities.

Robust Client-Side JavaScript - Mat​hia⁠s S​chäf⁠er


I don’t often post long-form content like this here. It’s really a short book. But it’s a solid primer on developing robust JavaScript applications, irrespective of the framework or libraries you choose. In the white-hot pace of modern web development, robustness is often lacking. This is a good place to start.

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