Tinned Fruit Missives December 2017

The Cost of JavaScript - Addy Osmani


If you’re developing web applications for consumer mobile devices (which I suspect is most people reading this newsletter in some capacity), then Addy lays down some extremely valuable, research-heavy JavaScript performance optimisation nuggets. Please please please test your web applications on representative ‘average’ devices and not just on your shiny iPhone X. There is an order of magnitude difference in performance.

Declining Complexity in CSS - Eric Meyer


CSS has grown rapidly in its capabilities over the last few years, but not necessarily in its complexity, or how difficult it is to use. There’s a thread of a common architectural principal here: a language with a broad set of capabilities does not have to result in complex implementations. The JavaScript community had a similar awakening with the publication of JavaScript: The Good Parts nearly a decade ago now.

Using CSS Grid: Supporting Browsers Without Grid - Rachel Andrew


This should be your new go-to article when someone asks whether CSS Grid is ready for production. As always, the answer is ‘it depends’, but Rachel’s article describes how you actually decide whether your project is ready for it and what supporting it actually involves.

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