Tinned Fruit Missives January 2018

Happy New Year! As I sit here in my poorly heated home office, with the low Edinburgh sun arcing in through the window, I present some end-of-year summaries along with the usual front-end dev and product engineering links this month.

This edition marks a year since the first Tinned Fruit Missives. I’m considering a few small changes, but I’d love to hear about what you have and haven’t enjoyed. Just reply to this message and let me know!

All the best for a rewarding 2018,

– Jim

The State of JS 2017 survey results


While you’ll need to take these surveys with a EU mountain-worth of salt, I find some of the findings intriguing. Not because I use it to inform what I should be interested in, but as an insight into how developers think about the language and it’s many ecosystems and sub-communities. There’s as much to be gleaned from the questions that are asked as the survey results themselves. Please don’t use this to make technology decisions, though.

So, you learned JavaScript - now what? - Christian Heilmann


Christian offers a welcome alternative to ‘Which framework should I learn?’ school of JavaScript education, focusing on furthering fundamentals, community involvement and learning materials.

Cascading Web Design - Hui Jing


Cascading Web Design is not really a new concept, but a natural extension of the principals behind responsive design. CSS feature queries allow a much more fine-grained way of adapting to the capabilities of the device being used. We’re going to be seeing a lot more of this kind of approach as rapidly evolving, evergreen browsers are now the norm.

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