Tinned Fruit Missives September 2017


Here’s your regular monthly collection of vaguely related links about the business and practice of front-end product development. Enjoy!

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Struggling to Find Great Senior JavaScript Developers? Mentorship is the Answer - Eric Elliott


Mentorship is an investment in your team’s capabilities that compounds over time. Eric highlights the chronic under-investment in training and skills development in software development teams and extols the benefits of mentorship. If you have a team of mostly junior developers, this one is for you. I wish I had learned the benefits of having a mentor earlier in my career.

The How, What and Why of Migrating to ReactJS - Jack Franklin


Managing a significant front-end application migration is no small undertaking, and shouldn’t be taken lightly. But if you are about to embark on a project like this (as I am currently), do yourself a favour and watch this talk. Jack describes how his team at Songkick are managing their migration from Angular 1.x to React, focusing more on process and team aspects than the code itself.

The Languages Which Almost Became CSS - Zack Bloom


I’m a sucker for posts about early web technology, and this one about precursors to CSS is a delight. In a parallel universe, us web developers are all griping about all the parentheses in DSSSL or writing tortuous PSL96 expressions. I still have nightmares about SGML being in wide usage.

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