Tinned Fruit Missives July 2018

Yes, yes, I know that we’re already in the second-half of July. I’ve been distracted by incredible weather, holidays and a certain global soccer tournament, OK?

As such, these links are at least two weeks old and maybe up to 7 weeks old. How will you cope with being so out of date?

Worse, I’ll be sending you another of these in just a couple more weeks.

– Jim

The Cult of the Complex - Jeffrey Zeldman

Old Jeff gets on his slightly higher-than-thou high horse again, but as usual also makes some good points. This boils down to an expanded discussion of the importance of keeping the Principle of Least Power in mind and not allowing developer-optimised dogma to determine the best approach for your users.

5 Red Flags Signaling Your Rebuild Will Fail - Ken Kantzer

Read it and weep if you’re currently rebuilding something. This might make uncomfortable reading for those who have embarked optimistically on a rebuild project and got unstuck half way through as it becomes clear that it’s much harder than hoped.

Prioritizing “Non-Feature” Work and Continuous Improvement - John Cutler

I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve been asked by developers how to persuade the business to prioritise refactoring, tooling, infrastructure and performance improvements alongside feature development. In the past my answer has been a hand-wavy suggestion to ‘show the business value’. Here’s a more thorough answer, which lies in evaluating the value and cost of delay of each item.

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