Tinned Fruit Missives April 2018

Are you out of alignment? - Camille Fournier

Not a CSS post, but a vitally important read for anyone who ever spends more than 10 seconds thinking about what would be the best thing for them and the team to be working on at any given time. That’s you, right?

Using Ethics in Web Design - Morten Rand-Hendriksen

If you skipped ethics classes during your education like me, you should find some solace in this thorough and thought-provoking assessment of how different ethical frameworks can be applied to web design.

“Write once, use everywhere” is an anti-pattern - Jeff Whelpley

If you’re wondering how to develop and support web and native apps on different platforms for a single product, you’re not alone. The options are many. It makes sense to re-use as much code across different platforms as possible, but by doing so we run the risk of diluting the benefits and performance of individual platforms. Jeff outlines an approach for maximising shared code while taking advantage of what each platform can offer the user.

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