Tinned Fruit Missives June 2018

I just found out that Microsoft have bought GitHub, so this newsletter may be fired into a completely distracted audience.

Remember folks, a server-rendered, Rails-based app with only a little JavaScript sprinkling can be worth $7.5b.

Have a great month!

– Jim

A Simple Introduction to Intrinsic Web Design - Ezequiel Bruni

You’re going to hear the term intrinsic web design a lot in the future I think. We are rapidly approaching the time when we can actually design for the web in a way that the platform intrinsically supports. As someone who’s been doing this for 20 years, all I can say is YES!! FINALLY!

Making Legacy Sites More Performant with Modern Front-End Techniques - Mike Herchel

A great starting point for anyone who wants to tackle that 80-90% of end-user response time that’s spent on front-end concerns. Up to date for 2018’s tech, so includes HTTP/2, visual regression testing, resource pre-loading and other potential big wins.

The annual super-deck detailing the state of the commercial internet is back. Can’t believe it’s been a year. I haven’t finished reading the 2017 version yet!

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