Tinned Fruit Missives April 2019

Recently on a tech-centric Slack group I belong to, someone asked “How do you describe your job to a non-techie person?” For some reason, like a sudden bolt from the blue, I responded with “I help other people to write less software.”

I was joking, but when I looked at what I’d written I realised that I had just come up with a killer elevator pitch. This month’s lead articles are very much on brand with this sentiment. I’ll leave it up to you to see the connections.

Have a great month!

– Jim

A JavaScript-Free Frontend - Matt Reyer

A great case study showing the Rule of Least Power in action. Matt attempts to address user needs with the least complex component of a system first (HTML, then CSS), falling back on more complex options (JavaScript) only when necessary.

Fighting uphill - Eric Bailey

The accessibility of the most popular websites does not seem to be improving over time. Eric discusses why this is happening and what we can do to address the situation.

I Used The Web For A Day On Internet Explorer 8 - Chris Ashton

The latest in an ongoing series, Chris breaks down what’s it’s like to use Microsoft’s increasingly greying browser on some of the most popular sites. It ain’t (always) pretty.

W3C approves WebAuthn as the web standard for password-free logins - Emil Protalinski. This could be a big deal for the web in the near future.

How diverse teams create better outcomes - Jess Stanley

30 years ago the world changed forever - Coralie Mercier

Routines to align squads - Javier Escribano

The Creeping IT Apocalypse - Forrest Brazeal

Humane by Design

Generating More of My Favorite Aphex Twin Track

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