Tinned Fruit Missives November 2019

U.S. Supreme Court Passes on Domino’s Case: Commenters Misunderstand - Lainey Feingold

This post clears about a few things about the implications of the US Supreme Court ruling on the case against Domino’s pizza for failing to provide an accessible web-based ordering service. An enjoyable read, not least because it reveals much about how people still think about disabled rights.

A Business Case for Dropping Internet Explorer - Ollie Williams

I don’t agree with everything that I post in this newsletter, and this article is a good example. Like it or not, making a decision to drop support for a browser is much more than a business decision in most cases.

The “P” in Progressive Enhancement stands for “Pragmatism” - Andy Bell

Counterpoint to the above. If you consider a broad definition of support to go beyond ‘identical in every browser’, there is no need to slam the door in the face of someone using a browser for which they currently have no realistic alternative.

Recipes for Performance Testing Single Page Applications in WebPageTest - Nicolas Goutay

The World-Wide Work - Ethan Marcotte

An Introductory Guide to Understanding Cognitive Disabilities - Glenda Sims and Jennie Delisi

Using the Platform - Tim Kadlec

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