A question for front-end engineering leaders

I’m trying to figure out something, so today I’ve got a question for you if you are a front-end engineering leader in any capacity. Your job title could be Grand Poobah of teh Front Endz, or you could be that one software developer who everyone turns to for guidance on UI matters, without any formal recognition.

Here’s the question:

Do you ever talk / socialise / discuss / engage with other front-end leaders, either in real life or online? If so, where does this happen?

I’d love as many replies to this as possible, so please reply even if you never talk to other front-end leaders.

For my part, I:

  • Go to meetups in Edinburghm (where I live) and occasionally meet front end leaders there
  • Have a very small number of Edinburgh-based friends and enemies acquaintances who match this description. We meet in pubs, at meetups, local tech community events, etc.
  • Sometimes chat in the curtailed medium that is Twitter
  • Occasionally drop in to a couple of Slack channels either dedicated to front end development or to tech leadership (e.g. the Rands Slack community)
  • Go to a handful of conferences a year, again either dedicated to front-end tech or to tech leadership

How about you?

All the best,

– Jim

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