Global CFP Diversity Day

A break in normal proceedings today. It’s time to promote something.

Long-time ScotlandJS and ScotlandCSS conference organiser Peter Aitken has now turned his full attention to Global CFP Diversity Day.

On Saturday 2nd March (2019), there will be workshops held across the globe to help people from under-represented or marginal groups to become tech conference speakers.

In 2018, there were 53 workshops. This year, that number is set to increase, with workshops in places like Medellin in Colombia, Nablus in Palestine, and even Dundee in Scotland (😜).

So if you’re from an under-represented group and want to get into speaking, check out your local workshop.

And if you’re not, please share the website on social media and among your colleagues and friends.

Global CFP Diversity Day

All the best,

– Jim

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