One-to-One Front-End Lead Coaching

Congratulations on your promotion!

Are you a new lead front-end developer? Do you suddenly find yourself responsible for front-end development strategy and approach for a whole product or company?

Congratulations! You’ve got an incredible job that can be highly rewarding.

But, it’s also daunting.

There are so many things going on. So much could be improved. And everyone has different opinions about what needs fixing first.

What’s more, you’re probably learning how to lead and manage other people for the first time.

How are you going to focus on making the right improvements while helping your team ship amazing product features?

Help is here

Imagine having the confidence to make a huge impact in your role. To focus on the things that you know will make the biggest difference.

You can get there with guidance from someone who has been through all this before.

Benefit from my experience and expertise as a front-end product development leader with this bespoke one-to-one coaching programme.

Coaching to help you succeed

Coaching is all about helping you to do great work, not taking credit for the work myself.

Every front-end lead role is different, so we’ll start out with a two-hour coaching call where we’ll explore the big challenges that you’re currently facing. What we talk about is completely up to you.

And if you’re not happy with our first session for any reason whatsoever, ask and I’ll happily reimburse your fee.

After the kickoff session, there are three levels available:

Option 1: Monthly session - One two-hour coaching session per month. Each session is completely dedicated to your current situation.

Option 2: Monthly session + on-demand coaching - In addition to a scheduled monthly coaching session, you can contact me via email or Slack at any time. I reply within 24 hours, but usually much quicker during business hours.

Option 3: 2 monthly sessions + on-demand coaching - For those who really want to boost their impact, we’ll meet twice a month instead of once. Plus anytime email / Slack access.

The Details

Some example themes

Our coaching sessions can be about anything, but I typically help students with technical and team leadership aspects of front-end product development. For example:


Option 1: Monthly session - £750 per month or £3,900 for six months

Option 2: Monthly session + on-demand coaching - £1,100 per month or £5,900 for six months

Option 3: 2 monthly sessions + on-demand-coaching - £1,450 per month or £7,800 for six months

Get started now

You just need to fill out a form. There’s no commitment to buy yet.

When you do buy your first 30 days is risk-free. If you aren’t happy for any reaons, I will refund your full fee within the first 30 days.

Kind words from my students

Cedric Clain

I’ve never had this type of coaching before, so I was worried about whether it would be useful. It was definitely worth it. Instead of just giving a concrete one-time solution to an issue, Jim provides a framework for thinking about the issue and finding a solution. This is much more valuable for addressing related issues in the future. It’s important for everybody to have someone to bounce ideas off and help you put things in perspective, especially if it’s someone who has been in the same situation as you.

Cedric Clain, Head of Engineering, Criton

Philip Roberts

I was concerned with how much we’d be able to get through in a single session, but this turned out to be completely unfounded. In only a couple of hours, Jim was able to use his experience in the industry to guide me through creating some concrete steps to move forward. His guidance has already helped me achieve one of the big goals on my list!

Philip Roberts

Yeah, but…

I’m not sure I’m right for this.

You’ll get the most out of this coaching if you are an experienced front-end developer who has recently, or is about to, become a manager and leader for the first time.

I also consider individuals who are developing their skills towards leadership, or who have some leadership experience but want to ‘level-up’ quickly.

Coaching is most suited to those working on long-term product development.

You probably can’t help. My circumstances are special.

Yes, every person’s situation is different, but in my experience most problems that crop up follow very similar patterns.

Coaching is not about me solving your problems for you. Instead, I use my experience and expertise in tech leadership to guide you towards your own answers - even ones that I’ve never solved myself before.

I can’t guarantee that you will solve every challenge with my help. But I can probably help you to think differently about them.

If you’re in doubt, apply anyway describing your situation so we can explore if there is a good fit.

I won’t take on any students who I’m not convinced that I can help.

I can’t get my manager to pay for this.

Don’t be afraid to admit to your manager that you would benefit from some help.

If you’re new to tech leadership, it can be easy to become overwhelmed with your new responsibilities.

It’s in your manager’s interests to help you succeed. After all, they’ve promoted you or hired you because they recognise the need for leadership in front-end development.

Other people in your organisation - including your manager - might already be mentoring you and coaching you in some aspects of your role.

But you might not have access to someone who has direct experience of front-end leadership and all that entails.

Have a conversation with your manager, send them a link to this page, and ask them to contact me with any questions they have. I’m happy to speak to them.

What’s so special about you that you can coach others?

I’m not special, and that helps me to coach others.

I’m not a 100x developer or a polymath. I got into web development in the 1990s and learned it as I went along.

I’m good at listening. I’ve been in leadership roles for well over a decade in both agency and product development companies.

Unlike more generic leadership coaches, I can help with front-end and product development topics, as well as people management skills. You won’t find a coach with more directly relevant experience.

I only coach front-end leaders, because that’s what I know best.

What happens after I pay?

Once you complete your purchase, you’ll be sent a calendar link to schedule our coaching kick-off session. In that first session, we’ll prioritise some topics for discussion over the coming months and see if we can address your biggest problem right away. We’ll also schedule regular times for future sessions and share some contact details.

I have another question!

I’m here to answer. Just email me at [email protected].

About your coach

Jim Newbery

Hi, I’m Jim Newbery, a front-end web development coach and consultant from Edinburgh in sunny Scotland.

I have over 20 years experience developing web applications and websites for startups, government departments, big media companies and software companies.

My most recent leadership role was as Director of Front-End Engineering at FanDuel, where I grew the front-end capability from hastily-built MVP to a polished multi-channel entertainment experience with millions of users, hiring a team of dedicated front-end developers along the way. This is where I learned most about leading, coaching and growing a team.

100% risk-free for 30 days

Coaching only works if both parties want to be there.

If you decide in the first 30 days that my coaching is not for you for any reason, I will happily reimburse your entire fee.

How to apply

Apply for coaching by clicking the button below.

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There’s a short form to fill out, and then I’ll get back to you as soon as I can to get the ball rolling.

To give everyone enough attention, I have a maximum of five coaching students. If you miss out, it may be 6 months or more until there’s a free slot.

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